St Faith's Prep, Ash near Canterbury, Kent
St Faith's Prep, Ash near Canterbury, Kent

Inspection Reports

Independent schools are inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate approximately every three years, alternating between Regulatory Compliance Inspections and Integrated Inspections.

Regulatory Compliance Inspection

St Faith’s Prep’s most recent inspection was a Regulatory Compliance Inspection in 2019. Judgements given are limited to ‘met’ or ‘not met’. St Faith’s Prep met all compliance standards.

You can see a full report here: St Faith’s Prep Compliance Inspection

Integrated Inspection

Our most recent full inspection in 2016 stated ‘All pupils, including those in the EYFS, develop into confident and considerate young people who are very well prepared for the next stage in their lives.’ This is an opinion with which we whole-heartedly agree. We are enormously proud of our children, and it is they who drive us to ensure that St Faith’s is the happy, inspiring and innovative school that this inspection report recognises.

What they say about our school

  • The school is highly successful in meeting its aims. Pupils are well educated and their levels of achievement are excellent overall, across the curriculum and in other activities. They make an excellent start in the EYFS and develop a positive attitude towards learning, which stays with them as they move through the school. Pupils are articulate and confident, and work well individually and with others.
  • Governance is excellent, and the director has effective oversight of the school, including the EYFS. Leadership and management are excellent and provide clear educational direction. The teamwork of the staff is extremely strong.
  • High priority is given to ensuring that the needs of every child are fully met, and that they acquire a love of learning.
  • At all levels, managers are very successful in ensuring that the school meets its aims of providing a caring environment within which pupils can thrive and grow in confidence. This is reflected in the quality of the pupils’ achievements, their excellent personal development and the high quality pastoral care evident throughout the school.

What they say about our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

  • Throughout the EYFS, children are active learners who pursue their ideas creatively through purposeful play and exploration. The children make rapid progress.
  • Staff in the EYFS know each child’s unique needs extremely well and provide excellent support, ensuring that they are met and enabling children to be ready for their next stage of learning.
  • In the EYFS staff give a high priority to providing a warm environment where trusting and caring relationships ensure that the children are happy, confident and safe.
  • Throughout the EYFS, children learn to share, take turns and play together happily, learning skills for the future. Caring for others and understanding how they might feel are inherent in the setting.

What they say about our pupils

  • Children enjoy their time at school and participate enthusiastically in the full range of activities… Pupils achieve at the very high academic level, while at the same time developing excellent skills in a range of other activities.
  • Pupils have an extremely positive attitude towards learning. They settle quickly to tasks, listen carefully to instructions and then work exceptionally well both individually and in groups. Pupils work co-operatively, listening respectfully to the ideas of their peers, but not being afraid to volunteer their own suggestions.
  • The social development of pupils is excellent. They follow the school’s values consistently both in their relationships with adults and with each other, and are unfailingly polite, courteous and kind. Numerous instances of care and concern by older pupils for younger ones were witnessed during the course of the inspection.
  • Pupils are highly successful in entrance examinations to local grammar or independent schools that have a high standard of entry, with a number gaining scholarships and awards.
  • In accordance with the school’s aim, by the time pupils leave the school, they are independent learners with enquiring minds and a strong moral sense of purpose. Pupils said in discussions that they feel very well prepared for their transfer to senior schools.

What they say about our staff

  • Teaching is excellent. High quality teaching initiates exciting activities both outside and within the classroom, which engages the children in their learning.
  • The school staff are dedicated and hard working, and their excellent teamwork and mutual support demonstrates clearly the family-friendly ethos that underpins the strong leadership of the school. Teaching assistance and support staff make a significant contribution to the success of the school and are highly valued.
  • Pastoral care is excellent and pupils feel valued and well cared for, and have a range of staff they can turn to should the need arise. All pupils, including those in the EYFS, develop into confident and considerate young people who are very well prepared for the next stage in their lives.
  • There are excellent relationships amongst pupils themselves and between pupils and all staff, including non-teaching staff, and this helps to increase self-esteem and self-belief.

You can read the full report here:

"This is truly an exceptional school where every child is cherished for their individual talents and supported fully to reach their potential. We have three children who have passed or are passing through the school and I can honestly say they are all achieving beyond our dreams." Current parent